Clarkson University's CS Outreach Program

Teach me Computer Science!

Clarkson's home for Computer Science outreach programs, you can find slides, presentation materials, code, and resources to teach yourself and your friends!

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Intro to Python

In this guide, we teach how to use the basics of Python

 Teach me Python!

Reference Guides

Here's some handy Python reference guides

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Raspberry Pi GPIO

In this guide, we teach all about the different functions of GPIO

 Learn more about GPIO

Intro to Scratch

In this guide, we show you how to start working with Scratch, a visual game editor.

 Learn about using Scratch!

Intro to Networks

In this guide, we introduce the power of networked devices

 Learn about connecting things together

Intro to Algorithms

In this guide, we introduce algorithms - particularly sorting.

 Learn about sorting!


..Google's IgniteCS Program

The Google IgniteCS program sponsored our team in the fall of 2016, intended to help us spread into the surrounding communities.

 Learn More about Google IgniteCS

..the Clarkson CS Outreach Program

The Clarkson CS Outreach program is based out of the Clarkson Open Source Institute. The program is student led, and all of the slides and content seen on this site are created by the students. We provide services to the nearby community, and have had students from as far as Plattsburgh, NY.

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..our previous sessions for IgniteCS

Here are some of the slides and files from our presentations (wherever possible - much of it was hands on)

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